Colourful & Pink Birthday Themed Card & Blue Shabby Chic Card

Pink and colourful cards are a joy to make because doing this type of cards kinda bring a smile to my face in the process. I feel like I just have to select those colourful pieces and well, have a trigger happy time layering and sticking them on, haha. Recently it has been quite easy to find birthday themed stickers and I used to hoard them because they were hard to find the last time. Now they even have like for boy theme and girl theme. While I'm not a fan of balloons in real life, it's the pop in your face effect I think, I like using them on cards. I actually have not used this balloon sticker for awhile coz it was too colourful but I thought for this card, it added a nice touch.

The chipboard flower, also in pink, helps to give a 3D look among the 2D stickers.

Meanwhile, this is of the opposite theme from the card above. I used mostly muted colours but in shades of blue. I kinda like this new thing I am doing which is to use an chipboard frame to overlay a picture, or in this case, to 'frame' the butterfly.

While the colours are mostly soft or muted, I added a pop of colour with the foiled doily which I cut out from a single patterned paper. 

Been so long since I did mixed media. Here I added glitter to the chipboard after applying gesso

I hope you like the two cards that I've made in contrasting colours.

Thanks for dropping by!