Bundle of Joy Blue Trifold Shutter Card

I like the unique folding of the trifold card and I tend to deviate from the usual type of designing. And for this card, I used mostly a patterned paper that has journal cards with phrases and pictures that can be cut out. I learned a new technique which is cutting out the centre picture leaving the border and then I used another journal card as the main focus of the card. I propped up the frame using foam tape so it looks more 3D looking. For this one, I chose sweet bundle of joy for this baby boy themed trifold card.

Another way of decorating is to layer two similar cut outs, such as the hot air balloons that you see in the below pic, on top of another at a slight angle. Smaller stickers are perfect to fill up spaces too.

How I decorate the inner panels of the trifold card

Corner decorations help to balance up the cut out frame and do not take away the main focus point
I didn't want to get the pack of diecuts that are baby themed because looking at the variety, I don't really need that many of the pieces. I tried to save money by buying just a piece of patterned paper with different designs of journal cards. It's also more cost effective.

But it also depends if the designs are nice as well. Here you have to make your own judgment. If you're intending to design a bigger layout such as 12X12 layout or for a shadow box, I can suggest buying the diecut pack instead for quicker designing.

Hope you like the card I have made. Thanks for dropping by!