Mini Album as a Birthday cum Friendship Gift

This is a special post where I'm not being paid for this mini album and it included pictures of me and my friends for a the 1st quarter of the year. It was a birthday gift and honestly, it was supposed to be a  shadow box frame but let's just say I didn't have to buy the box, hehe. I had papers and I had the 6 inches hardcover so why not make album! It's also fun as I got to make these according to how I wanted it be and also because I get to include photos as well, so decorating it becomes a different process from just using photo mats, sans photos.

As the background and the pictures main colour theme is black, the embellishments are mostly in black too

The caption home sweet home depicted this picture taken at her own condo

I wanted to write the last page but didn't want to spoil with my handwriting so I used a journal card instead.
I did this within the afternoon and I am happy with the final product. I actually looked at another mini album sample in the store and I just loved how everything looked so layered and well placed together.  i tried to replicate it and it got a little hard at first because I had to stretch my creativity a bit. The end result was that it still had my own style but I get to also use some newer layering techniques as well.

I hope you liked this mini album I did and if you're keen on me making one for you, just send me your order queries from the link above.

Thanks for dropping by!