Shadow Box Frame with a Thank You Note & Baby Decorations

This is my first shadow box layout and I actually thought it's not so bad for a first effort. I almost didn't take on this project mainly because I thought that it would be pretty hard. But I was shown some samples and also I saw some in the craft stores and kinda toyed with the idea of making one of my own after that. 

That opportunity presented itself though at first I was reluctant. But the beauty of doing such shadow boxes is the art of layering. You can be really creative in how you layer the elements according to theme. At the same time, depending on the shadowbox, you can pile on embellishments, and the more you pile, the better it is going to look as long as the completed layout looks balanced. This is key for any layout. The more you do, the better you are going to get too.

When I looked at the samples, there are some that can be rather expensive from the materials used. But there are those that rely on the imagination and creativity as well of the crafters, yet still achieve the expensive look. I know many of us are hoarders and we hoard different things. Crafters naturally hoard things as well like honestly, some are just too pretty to use and I can be guilty of this too. But I also feel the pinch if I don't use my current stash and keep adding on like the scrap pile will never end. So making layouts, with or without the boxed frame like below, can help you to use what you have though let's be real here, it can never be truly finished, haha.

For the layout below, though the theme is of course 'baby', since the buyer has no qualms in me using flowers based on the samples show, I used the leftover paper flowers that I have which don't fit any of my past projects. I also used leftover fabric and a banner chipboard from an old collection that are good for scrapbook layouts though I don't scrapbook. Hence why I still have it.

Due to the depth of the frame, you can stack on foam dots or stickers on top of each other and vary the levels of layering. So the overall look doesn't look too flat. Adding different textured embellishments in between also can create some depth. You can also decorate the borders of the frame for some added interest.

Hope you like this project I've done. I may be making another one for a friend. This frame is also inexpensive and measures 9X9 inches. I got it from Ikea few years ago and the latest price I've seen is  around $12.90 I think. There are also 12X12 inches but think it's currently not available here but in stores like the Papermarket. It costs more but if you just need one, I think the price point is still ok.

Thanks for dropping by!

The layout without the frame