Monkeying Around..A Father's Day Card

I actually didn't think that one day I would be making a Monkey themed card but well, here I am. I ever saw the patterned papers of cute animals like the monkeys but never bought them before until I had to make a customised Monkey and trees themed card. So I was quite lucky Bella Boulevard had a zoo themed collection and I bought two of their patterned papers.

I ended up not using all but one large piece which I cut out from a single paper and used it as the central piece. After that I used another patterned papers with trees pattern and cut out various designs of trees to form a collage. I've also added some cut out pictures of real monkeys for some uhm..realness.

The main colour scheme is green and used foam tape to give height to some of the trees

For the card below, it's a Christian and Sheep themed card. And I actually tried to scour the shops for a past Faith collection from Simple Stories but didn't have much luck though thankfully, I did buy their chipboard stickers prior to this so I managed to come up with something faith related.

I used a polka dot background with white base with some pops of light blue and pink

Various "faith" chipboard stickers are used as embellishments

I hope you like the two cards I've made above. For custom orders please feel free to send me your order queries from the link above this page.

Thanks for dropping by!