Specially for You Cute Cartoon Couple Picture Card

I know sometimes my card looks so simplistic, haha..compared to my earlier days when I started making cards. I kinda like cleaner looking cards now, but still love layers just as much and play around with the colour scheme.

Being creative also means not boxing yourself in a certain type of design only. Keep your mind open for new types of design from various crafters or designers and you may learn new perspectives. Mixing in pops of colours or colourful patterned papers with smaller designs against a neutral coloured background help to give the main design a focal point. I got this picture of a couple off the internet and somehow, I got it at the right size because I actually left the picture at my workplace, hehe. If you've been working with cards for awhile, you can get roughly estimate how big the picture is and how much space is required. It's trial and error. If can't fit, I just re-print a new one, problem solved.

One of the things worth investing in is alpha stickers. I got this alpha sticker book at a discount and I like how cheap it was and also how each type of sticker design is different and in different sizes. Sometimes I buy my stuffs from local book stores, than the fancier papercrafting stores because it can be cheaper, provided I like the designs.

I hope you like the card I've made! For custom orders, please feel free to send me your order queries from the side bar.

Thanks for dropping by!