Butterfly Themed Birthday Box Card in Pastel Colours

I loved this box for one thing, how I designed the box cover. I was shown a graphics illustration picture with some butterflies and I took the inspiration from there. Actually, I didn't know exactly how to approach it but somehow the idea flowed slowly as I put the elements together.

For the inside panels, I remembered last time how I designed them differently than now. It was honestly more work but I wanted to do the same. Sometimes not overthinking helped as well. You just have to trust yourself and design it to the best that you can.

I had some big butterfly die cuts that honestly, I didn't know how best to use them since I don't do scrapbooking of layouts. It's actually quite big for a card too but for this, I somehow managed to use them and you can take a peek at the layer below how I layered each butterfly with another die cut.

For pastel colours, I liked to use light blue, light yellow and purple. Sometimes I use pink but this time, I decided to use purple as the accent colour.

I hope you liked this box card that I did. For custom orders, please feel free to send me your order queries.

Thanks for dropping by!