Floral & Numbers Pop Up Box Cards

These box cards are different from the usual ones that I do although it is not the first that time that I do. Last year, I did Christmas pop up box cards like these, which I can't remember if I blogged about it. Anyway, I liked how it turned out except that perhaps if there's one thing I wished I could have done, was to not show much of the transparencies in front.

The back, well it's ok because the front line would be slightly covering a bit. So that was the only flaw from it. Oh if you want to know how I cut the numbers, I used my silhouette cameo, an electronic die cutting machine, which I have a love-hate relationship with. It's an old model and now they have the more fancy looking ones with more features. I saw one local seller using the cameo to cut out her scanned brush script handwriting using vinyl which she later would paste them over rose gold mugs. I thought it's such a cool personalised idea.

But if you don't have the machine, you can buy the number stickers, it will be just the same.

This paper blooms was the one I did before the numbers and it was actually better. I just stacked the flowers on top of the base of flowers to give a more 3D effect. And also, a die cut phrase and punched out butterflies completed the look.

Each box measures about 2 inches for the flaps and 4 inches for the bottom. Initially it was 5 inches but I felt that it was a little too tall and I didn't like the taller versions as I thought it's a bit of a waste of paper.

I also wanted to improve the back panel a little next time I do like put another paper backing so that the box card will be more sturdier. Little improvements but with my own personal touch as well :)

Hope you like this pop up box card that I have made. For custom orders, please feel free to send me your order queries from the link above or from the side bar.

Thanks for dropping by!