Various Thank You Cards

Hi everyone,

I've been commissioned to make these thank you cards and I did them on my birthday because I took a day off from work but life goes on for my online shop.

Again, I made them with very little research. I did look at some pictures from instagram for inspiration and I used mostly pre packed die cuts from various manufacturers. So my little plastic container of die cuts were pretty well used that day, lol.

I love doing paper collages like the one above and below. But sometimes it can get a little nerve-wracking when the arrangement didn't go as what I liked it to be. Besides using leftover scrapbooking  papers, I also used stickers, mainly smaller stickers to fill up space. If I have the mood, I would die cut medium sized pieces as background. You can see one I did at the top picture, bottom left.

I like to mostly cut papers. As you can see from my past work, I hardly used stamping except maybe to stamp Happy Birthday but I want to try to get the hang of it again or it will be quite a waste of my stamps kept in storage. Perhaps incorporate them into future box cards and bifold cards like these.

If the die cut piece is too large for the cut, I like to cut them into two and arrange each piece separately, such as one at the top and the other at the bottom. The examples can be seen on the second picture, for both cards at the bottom.

I hope you like these cards I have made. For custom orders, please feel free to send me your order queries on the right side bar.

Thanks for dropping by!