Birthday & Friendship Themed Box Card in Light Blue & Pink Colours

Hi Everyone,

I'm trying to switch up a bit by using this really pretty light blue colour in white polka dots for the cake box. But I couldn't find the same patterned paper so next one you'll see, will be in red with white polka dots, lol. But anyway, sometimes the colour combinations that was given to me worked well together. As for this case, black provided a nice contrast against the lighter pink and blue colours.

The decorations are kept simple though. I like to get those 12X12 sticker sheets and most times, it has a theme which can fit well with the boxes that I have to make. Honestly, it helps to cut down the thinking process a little on how to decorate, lol.

Above and below, you can see a sneak peek of the stickers I used from a single sticker sheet. For the top layer, I decorated it with hand cut balloons in matching patterned papers.

I also like to add in photos because they help to personalise the box. Usually, I would use foam tape to prop up the pictures on the first top layer, giving it a 3D effect.

I hope you like this box card that I have made and can't wait to show you other projects that I have done recently.

Thanks for dropping by!