Blush Pink Birthday Box Card & Turquoise Farewell Box Card

Hi everyone,

I actually has developed a new style of decorating the cover of birthday box cards. I thought that it make boxes a little more birthday themed with the 'birthday wish' die cut which I would paste over some cut out embellishment behind.

For the next picture below, I cut out a journal card to size to fit on top of the box cover and it's such a cute picture of two hearts balloons. I really loved the collection from Simple Stories and I used it mostly for the box card below with the choice of papers and stickers.

Usually when I like the collection,  I would try to get the stickers and diecuts too for decorations. Larger diecut pieces make decorations a breeze. Smaller stickers will also help to add some variety when you use them to fill in some empty spaces like the flower I stuck on in between the present cut outs.

I also cut out some hearts from gold glitter paper because honestly, gold goes with everything, lol.

For this one below, the decorations a little simpler but I put on more emphasis on the waterfall tabs. Because there's quite some empty space to fill in, I punched out some little stars just for some deco.

Larger stickers and journal cards can help to quickly do up the box card deco but of course, it's also your judgment call to choose the most appropriate and of course, pretty ones. Best if the colour co-ordinates too, though need not follow the exact colour scheme.

I hope you like these box cards that I have made. For custom orders, please feel free to send me your orders queries from the side bar or order form.

Thanks for dropping by!