Trifold Cards in Christmas Theme

Christmas may be over and the decorations have been mostly removed but the festive season may still linger on. Well, it's back to work and school for many of us after the New Year celebrations even when it was over a rainy period. I had some orders last  month right up till New Year and I had fun making them especially the trifold cards.

I forgot to post these during the Christmas period but I hope they would still serve as an inspiration for you if you read this post finding ideas how to decorate such cards. Honestly it was pretty easy to find Christmas papers and embellishments in the local scrapbooking stores and even in bookshops. I mean it is one of the most celebrated holiday. Actually they started selling them way before in September and then more and more were being added as the months grew nearer.

So I actually bought the materials pretty earlier on especially those with nice designs which I knew would sell out fast. I made these cards for a friend and had fun at it. I made three at one time and then another two on another day.

I didn't take the pictures of the inner pages of all cards but a selected few. So this is how I decorated them on the inside.

Once again, I hope you liked the cards I have made above. For custom orders,  please feel free to send me your order queries via the link above or the side bar.

Thanks for dropping by!