18th Birthday Explosion Box Card in Sweet Pastel Colours

Sometimes I don't choose the colour scheme and I would be told instead what colours to use for the box card and the combination can be pretty nice together. The next step is to find suitable decorations and patterned papers to cut out from in similar pastel colours too.

The same patterned paper can have multiple uses before you finally throw that piece of paper away especially when they're pretty small to use. So you can save trees as well. Just like the picture below, you can see that the same paper was used to hand cut the shape of the balloon and die cut the hexagons.

I actually loved the ferris wheel sticker at the top panel of the first layer. It's in the perfect colour too including the little ice cream sticker at the corner too. The collage looked so whimsical together.

For the bottom side panels, I used journal papers which again, I find them perfect for this card because of the colours as well as the theme.

I hope you liked this box card that I have made. Thanks for dropping by!