Wedding Card with Paper Flowers Wreath

To be honest, this isn't my type of cards that I have made but sometimes we need to move out of our usual style and try out something new. I was given a picture for inspiration but I didn't know how to make the ribbon flowers to form the wreath. So I thought of using the die cutting machine but it was quite a hassle. Yes me, trying to escape the hard work of cardmaking, lol.

Somehow, I got the idea to use paper flowers because I got a bunch of them so why not make use of them instead. I mean they were of the same size so why not.

The next challenge was how to arrange those flowers to form a wreath. The original design had a printout of the floral wreath already but again, lazy me didn't want to search for one and print and cut it out. So I cut out a circle and its middle portion and ta-da, the template for the floral wreath.

Next thing to do was to arrange the paper flowers. I added some small diecut flowers to add some dimension and variety. Okay, I'm not completely lazy and I wanted to up the game a little by dusting off the embossing folder to form an embossed background patterned paper.

What is the takeaway for this? It's to not be afraid to try out different ways of cardmaking because we have to remember that this would be gifted to a recipient.

I hope you like this card I have made. Thanks for dropping by!