Cute Teddy Bear Themed Birthday Explosion Box Card

Hi there,

So this was one of the easiest boxes to do besides the aviation themed one. But this would have topped it up a little and I thought that well, I didn't want to just print images of teddy bears off the internet. I mean teddy bear designs should be pretty easy to get from stickers to stamp sets. For this box card, I cut out from a single wrapping paper with the teddy bears large enough to decorate each panel.

For the box cover below, it was a sticker from a teddy bear collection with a party theme, hence why it was holding balloons.

I guess you can say that the thing that gives it a little more effort in the making was the 3D cake box. Below you can see the teddy bear in different poses for each side.

I hope you like this box card I did with the teddy bear them.

Thanks for dropping by!