Black & White Birthday Explosion Box Card with Waterfall Tabs

Before I start off this blog proper, I have been pretty busy this last couple of weeks, with order after order. I kinda have to stop for awhile in taking orders though not all of them.  As I want to be able to fulfil these custom orders on time, it was necessary because I also feel a rushed job wouldn't allow me to produce quality products.

That is why I have so much respect for those solo entrepreneurs who are in this for the long run and even though it can be really tiring, they just wing it, you know. There are a few that I look up to, with one in particular, of whom I am a fan of her work ethics. Of course, being a fan of make up, it helps too, haha..because she does more than dolling people up on their big days, she also teaches make up application, have her own make up brush lines and also puts out regular social media content.

Honestly, I am such a failure in updating my instagram and fb page although I do try my best. But to churn out post after post on a daily basis ON TOP OF running make up classes, wow..salute.

We all have days where we don't quite feel productive. Like look at me, with my blogposts, haha. There is so many upcoming posts that I want to write to share with you my creations and it can be tough producing at least 2 blog posts per week. But I try my best :)

So this was done some time for a waterfall tab box card. It's a birthday cum friendship theme in black and white colours. In life, we tend to take some things for granted, and even people too. A little gift like this with sharing of memories of the friendship together is very symbolic. There are friends that I have where we have been in touch for years. And I hope that the friendship lasts for as long as possible, despite sometimes being bogged down with work, family affairs and others. It's not easy but when I am with my friends, I forget for awhile my tight deadlines for crafting work and my own personal struggles. I just enjoy being in their company.

Life is short. While we're at it, why not we take the time to enjoy the little things that life has to offer.

I hope that the passion that you have in whatever field or interest continue to run deep in your heart and soul. I also hope that you like box card that I have made.

Thanks for dropping by!