Green, Blue & Red Birthday Box Card with Candle

There was one time I bought this pack of battery operated candles like the one above to make a paper birthday cake like this. I was shown this you tube video on how to wrap this candle around to make it like a cake and a template can be downloaded to make one ourselves. It was still pretty difficult to make but along the way, I made some improvisations. But without that videos, I won't actually be able to make such paper cakes, with or without candles. So it's actually good to step out of our comfort zone and learn to make things like these and turn our can't into yes, we can :)

I am still not so good with mixed media because it involves many steps and uhm, buying many expensive things to create beautiful masterpieces like how I see posted on instagram. However, being creative doesn't mean breaking our banks. With leftover patterned papers, I can make the cake like the above and the balloons that you see above which I hand cut. So to me, papercrafting is still the best form of art.

For the card above, I made it with a red, green and navy blue theme. Seems like an odd combination of colours but they seem to work well together. I also like to keep those cut out pieces that were leftover from previous projects or that didn't work well together back then. Like the cut out word 'celebrate' which I managed to find and fit in well with this theme for the box card.

I hope you like this birthday box card that I have done.

Thanks for dropping by!